Spectro, Inc. Expands Global Sales and Support Organization in China


Spectro, Inc., one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil and fuel analysis instruments to industry and military markets, has established a local sales and support office in Beijing, China under the leadership of China Sales Manager Alex Shi.

Shi previously held the roles of account manager at 3M Corporation, project manager at Sinovel Wind Corporation and marketing development manager at Keithley Instruments.

“China is the fastest-growing, lubrication-consuming market in the world,” said Spectro Inc.’s President and CEO Brian Mitchell. “As such, we felt it was very important for us to have a physical presence along with local representation and communications to establish and maintain effective sales and customer support channels. Further, our products can be used in other fluid applications beyond lubrication compounds. By understanding the local and regional needs more clearly, we can explore those other applications and refine solutions for them.”

For more information, please visit www.spectroinc.com