Stanley Proto Introduces Extra-Large Combo Wrenches


Stanley Proto Industrial Tools has expanded its already-extensive line of combination wrenches with the addition of 23 new extra-large combination wrenches. The new wrenches are designed to meet the needs of users in heavy industries.

These big wrenches are the epitome of heavy duty. They come in standard and metric sizes, with openings that range from 2 9/16 to 4 in., and from 55 to 80 mm. Lengths go up to 3 ft., giving users the leverage they need to work on stubborn fasteners. Heads are made from drop-forged steel for strength and durability. Open ends are precisely machined for a firm grip on fasteners, while 12-point box ends help users work quickly and help improve accessibility (a 12-point head need only be lifted and turned 30 degrees to re-engage the fastener, while a six-point head requires a 60-degree turn.) The inside edge of the box end is countersunk around its entire circumference to ensure that it slips easily onto fasteners. Wrenches with opening sizes up to  2 ¾ inches or 70mm come with a satin finish, protecting them against corrosion and providing a slip-resistant grip. Larger sizes have a non-reflective black oxide finish for use where non-plated products are required.

Stanley Proto Industrial Tools has been making durable, high-quality hand tools for more than 100 years, having grown from a small machine shop to a worldwide supplier. Its tools are developed according to strict ergonomic standards, with features that let users work faster and easier, including enhanced shock absorption and reduced slip. For more information contact E. (Lenny) Acuna, project coordinator, at (609) 208-2684 or (800) 800-TOOL. Send e-mail to Go online to