Symphonie iPackGPS Communications Module from NRG Systems


NRG Systems, manufacturer of wind measurement equipment for the global wind energy industry, has introduced the Symphonie iPackGPS, an upgraded communications module used to transmit wind resource data from the field to end users. Compatible with GSM, CDMA, or satellite networks, the iPackGPS provides several technological improvements over the previous generation of iPack. These include automated GPS coordinate reporting, ability to update Symphonie iPackGPS firmware and configuration settings remotely, variable call interval range, and an upgraded data logger display to support users in troubleshooting directly from the field. NRG Systems will continue to offer existing Symphonie iPacks while supplies last. The iPackGPS will be available for the same price as the previous generation of iPack.

NRG Systems is an independently owned company that has served the global wind energy industry for 28 years. Its wind measurement systems and turbine control sensors can be found on every continent in more than 140 countries, serving electric utilities, wind farm developers, turbine manufacturers, research institutes, government agencies, and universities. For more information go to