Terex and Phoenix Crane Raise Awareness and Funds for Breast Cancer Research with Pink Crane


A new Terex T 340-1 Hydraulic Truck Crane recently completed its journey from Waverly, Iowa, to Atlanta, Georgia, sporting a fresh new pink paint job, donated by Terex Cranes. In addition to lifting material to help with the construction and renovation of structures, this new Terex crane will raise awareness and provide fundraising opportunities  to support breast cancer research. The owner of the new crane, Phoenix Crane Rental of Mableton, Georgia, passionately supports organizations that help to save and strengthen the lives of those fighting breast cancer, and the new crane is just one method to help with their support.

“This is the second Terex T 340-1 crane that Phoenix Crane has painted in this distinct pink color,” said Steve Ake, regional business manager for Terex Cranes. “We are honored that they have chosen a Terex model from their fleet to support such a worthy cause and are happy to donate this special paint and decal scheme.”

Prior to leaving the factory, the women of Terex in Waverly gathered in front of the pink crane for a photo opportunity. Front and center among those donning the pink shirts in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a member of the Terex family who is currently fighting the disease along with her walking team members and friends wearing bandanas.

“We wanted to show our support of Phoenix Crane’s initiative and do it by showing how our women are on board with the cause,” Terex marketing specialist Jamie Harthoorn said.

The first stop for the T 340-1 crane was the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, held October 5 and 6 by the non-profit group, It’s The Journey, Inc. With its pink shell, the crane was on display for participants to get an up-close look at the 40-ton crane and experience what it’s like to be in the operator’s seat.

From there, the crane will be added to Phoenix Crane’s fleet of lifting equipment, which includes 70 models ranging from 12-ton (10.9-t) boom trucks to 275-ton (249.5-t) hydraulic truck cranes. This will give the company two pink 40-ton (36.3-t) truck cranes in its fleet. The first T 340-1 crane was commissioned just after Mother’s Day in 2012.

As part of its commitment to It’s The Journey, Phoenix Crane plans to donate a portion of the hourly rental revenues from both pink cranes to the organization. “Over the years, we have contributed regularly to a variety of charities but have not gotten involved with any particular cause with passion, until now,” says Mike Phillips, president of Phoenix Crane. “Looking at the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, which is also a local organization, we feel we have found our partner and our passion, and we appreciate Terex supporting us by donating the special paint job.”

Every time the two pink cranes leave Phoenix Crane’s lot, they will not only be helping to improve the rental, construction and industrial market segments, but they will also raise spirits and funds for those fighting breast cancer. “We have every intention to keep both Terex pink cranes in operation for the lifetime of the equipment,” mentions Karen Barton, chief financial officer and vice president of Phoenix Crane. “Every dollar we can contribute yields a far greater personal and organizational return than anything else we could have gotten involved in.”

For more information, visit www.terex.com  and www.phoenixcrane.com.