Two-Phase Cooling System from Parker Hannifin


Parker Hannifin Corporation, the leader in motion and control technologies, has released the first two-phase cooling system to manage the heat of high-power electronics safely and efficiently. Parker’s Precision Electronics Cooling System Technology, developed at Parker’s Climate Systems Division, allows power electronics’ design platforms to have up to twice the power density in half the space, perfect for a wide array of renewable energy applications.

This new maintenance-free system is ideal for decreasing the size of a wind turbine’s power system or extending the range of a hybrid vehicle. Using a vaporizable dielectric fluid, the system boils this fluid across the base of the silicon chip, converting the fluid into a gas and stabilizing the system’s high temperatures. This process shatters the cooling limits once imposed by traditional water-based systems.

“Because the liquid changes to a gas, we are able to remove two to four times more heat from the system,” says Scott Gill, business unit manager for Parker’s Advanced Thermal Systems Business Unit. “Thermal management is one of the primary barriers limiting high power electronics today and this provides the design engineer an unprecedented leap in thermal performance. By using a dielectric (non-conductive) fluid, our system is safer than the traditional water-based approach and will never damage sensitive electronics.”

“The timing couldn’t be better,” according to Dave Saums, a thermal consultant in Amesbury, Mass. “This technology is applicable to any of the new energy platforms such as hybrid and electric vehicles, wind turbine power systems, uninterruptible power supplies, and just about any high-power platform for industrial, medical, and military applications.”

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