Vestas completes converter, controls sale to KK Wind


The sale of Vestas’ converters and controls business has been completed and marks the transfer of Vestas’ three converters and controls factories to KK Wind Solutions. Around 600 of Vestas’ experienced and skilled colleagues will join KK.

“I’m very excited about the next chapter of our partnership with KK Wind Solutions, and I look forward to growing and maturing the wind energy supply chain together. I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to our dedicated and skilled colleagues, who will join KK. You have done an outstanding job, and I know you will continue doing so together with your new colleagues at KK,” said Tommy Rahbek Nielsen, Executive Vice President and COO at Vestas.

KK Wind will exclusively supply converters and control panels to Vestas. (Courtesy: KK Wind)

“Our people are our most important and valuable asset. Their expertise and dedication are vital in accelerating the green energy transition, and we are excited to welcome our new colleagues whose skills and know-how will help us further develop the industry’s supply chain,” said Mauricio Quintana, Chief Executive Officer, KK Wind Solutions.

Vestas looks for partners that help scale renewables efficiently in the long-term. As part of the partnership between Vestas and KK, KK will exclusively supply converters and control panels to Vestas, and the partnership will further advance with co-development of future Vestas converters.

KK Wind Solutions and Vestas have agreed on several transactional service agreements to ensure business continuity, knowledge transfer, and stable operations throughout the integration period.

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