Vestas Secures Service Contract Renewals for 130MW GDF SUEZ Fleet


Vestas has secured 10-year advanced service contract renewals with GDF SUEZ Energia Italia, which heads the Italian-based energy business of the GDF SUEZ Group, for six wind power plants in Italy with a total capacity of 130 MW—comprising 31 units of V90-2.0 MW and 80 units of V52-850 kW wind turbines.

The service contract extensions include a 10-year service agreement with Vestas’ Active Output Management (AOM) 5000 service scope, a complete service package to ensure minimised lost production, including everything necessary to maximise output but with further aligned incentives. AOM 5000 offers an energy based availability guarantee that aligns service and maintenance execution with low wind periods.

Under the agreement, GDF SUEZ Energia Italia will also benefit, for the entire fleet, from the Vestas Weather & Power Forecast—a high-quality, site specific, continuous weather and production forecasting system. It enables the optimization of maintenance schedules by identifying low wind periods during which service is to be performed. It also improves customers’ business by delivering precise power forecasting, and it fulfils the grid requirements established.

“We decided to renew our 111 Vestas wind turbines’ service and maintenance agreement for another ten years on the basis of our long-lasting business relationship with Vestas and its ability to meet a number of specific requests—not least, maximizing our wind power plants’ value by increasing the turbines’ reliability and availability, reducing down time and improving lifetime performance of our wind turbines in the country,” said Pascal Renaud, generation director for GDF SUEZ Energia Italia.

“We are very proud that GDF SUEZ Energia Italia has chosen to sign 10-year advanced service renewal contracts for their entire Vestas installed fleet in Italy. The GDF SUEZ Group is one of the largest and most experienced utilities in the world that demands excellence within its organisation and from Vestas. Vestas is therefore very pleased to have been chosen by the customer on the basis of the confidence built over years and our ability to listen and act on their requests,” said Nicolas Wolff, general manager of Vestas France. “We are pleased with the trust GDF SUEZ shows in our organization as this is a huge recognition of our service performances.”

The six wind power plants produce approximately 250,000 MWh per year, which is enough to meet the residential electricity consumption of about 220,000 people in Italy and save the environment from almost 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions on an annual basis. Installed between 2006 and 2010, the power plants are located in the regions of Campania, Molise and Sicily.

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