Wind Turbine Manufacturers and Suppliers Commit to Collaborate on Forging Lean Supply Chain


In the quest for more efficient supply-chain operations, wind energy manufacturers are devoting more and more time to managing their relationships with suppliers. So what is the key to maintaining a long-term supplier relationship, and how can suppliers ensure they live up to their clients expectations?

With the increasingly trans-national nature of manufacturing and supply chain activities, many suppliers must now also prove that they possess the infrastructure capability to roll out components, modules or products on a global scale, while also providing assurances over its on-going financial stability. “OEMs look for short and flexible reaction times. Suppliers must also support improvements in the yield of customers products,” says John Kop, Commercial Director at Netherlands-based Advanced Tower Systems. Jaime Anso, from Acciona Windpower, says that “We consider that supplier relationships must bring value to both companies, as we understand that that is the only way to build long lasting relationships.”

Reflecting the importance of forging industry relationships, leading manufacturers and suppliers have committed to meeting this September to address the most crucial issues of key selection criteria and inter-company requirements.

With 14 turbine manufacturers, more than 10 suppliers in addition to offshore owner/operators, the Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference—to be held September 7-8, 2011, at the Hotel Kempinski in Hamburg, Germany—is set to be the premier forum for suppliers to connect with their customers and determine how to move forward in establishing key relationships and securing long term contracts. Learn more at Also contact Will Broad, director of Wind Energy Update, at +44 (0)207 375 7516 or