WindPower Innovations Launches Energetic Drives


WindPower Innovations, Inc., announces that its wholly owned subsidiary Energetic Drives, LLC, has been unveiled as its “innovation division.” According to John E. Myers, president of WindPower Innovations, “We welcome president and CEO of Energetic Drives, Ian K. Griffiths, to our management team. With background spanning multiple disciplines, Mr. Griffiths and his team of engineers and Ph.D.s complete the foundation for positioning us as a leading wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company, able to cater to every aspect of the wind power industry.”

Energetic Drives’ Grid Tie Inverter software, the subsidiary’s flagship technology, utilizes proprietary algorithms that dramatically increase the range in which sustainable energy sources can deliver a useable 60 Hz AC to the power grid. “We estimate an increase in efficiency of up to 25 percent,” says Griffiths. “For example, a traditional wind turbine has to be turning at a sustained rate, generating 1,200 to 1,800 RPMs, depending on the number of poles per generator, in order to produce useable electricity. Outside of that range, the power is referred to as ‘dirty’ as it is inconsistent and unusable. Our technology allows the wind turbine to be utilized at a constant 120 percent of the generator rating with our cooling system employed. This proprietary innovation allows ‘clean’ power to be produced over a much wider range of wind speeds throughout, from 30 to 120 percent of the generator’s rating.
The technology also provides for a consistent flow of clean, synchronized, unity power energy to the grid, compatible with IEEE 519 and 1547 certifications. Not only does it result in greater profitability for the operator, it is a dynamic tool for smart grid compatibility.”

WindPower Innovations—along with its subsidiaries Energetic Drives and XH Industries—is on course to become a leading energy innovation company, featuring new and more efficient proprietary gearbox designs, grid tie components and electronics, and improvements of existing equipment to higher than industry standards at lower than industry rates. For more information go to