Windspire Energy Enters the Australian Wind Market


Windspire Energy announces a partnership with Australian-based AllSafe Energy Efficient Products to be the sole distributor of the Windspire® wind turbine in Australia. AllSafe is recognized as one of the leading and fastest growing energy efficient product providers in Australia. The partnership will now begin the process of certifying the Windspire for the Australian market for an expected sales launch later this year.

Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy industry in Australia, driven by government initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and a commitment to ensure 20 percent of Australia’s electricity supply will come from renewable energy sources by 2020. The market for small-scale turbines is expected to grow through rebate programs that can offset the costs for customers by as much as 50 percent. AllSafe is introducing a unique business model that addresses the desire for customers to maximize energy efficiency due to rising energy costs. Unlike most companies that specialize in just one product type, AllSafe offers a complete line of efficiency products including insulation, skylights, solar hot water, solar power, and ventilation. The Windspire was chosen by AllSafe for its innovative and small-scale design, and it will be the company’s only wind turbine product.

“Given their desire to cut emissions and focus on renewable energy solutions, Australia is a very important market for us,” says Windspire Energy President & CEO Walt Borland. “We are pleased to have found a partner in the market who is not only a leader but values innovation as much as we do.”

“Australians are famous for quickly adopting cutting-edge technologies from the U.S.,” says Sean Cochrane, managing director of AllSafe. “The Windspire is a wonderful departure from the old-style windmills and will give our customers a truly unique way in which they can reduce their energy use.”

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