Winergy Donates 20-Ton Gearbox to Ecotech Institute


Ecotech Institute recently received a large gearbox for its Wind Energy Technology program, giving students the chance to learn on equipment that many will eventually use in their career. Winergy, a subsidiary of Siemens, donated the 20-ton Eickhoff gearbox, which is a major component in a wind turbine that gears up the rotational speed of the drivetrain and generator rotor. The donation gives Wind Turbine Technician students additional equipment to learn first-hand how to do borescope inspections, bolt fastening and troubleshoot gearboxes.

“We are so thankful for this generous donation. Within the wind industry, it is commonly understood that proper maintenance, as well as predictive analysis of oil and vibrations, can extend the life of the gearbox,” said Shawn Lamb, program director of wind energy technology at Ecotech Institute. “It’s important for our students to learn these maintenance skills, because the longevity of this component can make or break a wind farm’s business model and profit structure.”

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