Winergy introduces Service 360 for wind turbine drivetrains

CMaS Evolution is an integral part of Service 360. Plant operators have all turbine information constantly available and can optimize operation. (Courtesy: Winergy)

Winergy has introduced Service 360, a service concept for wind turbine drivetrains. Thanks to multi-brand service, digital services and the unique positioning as a system provider, it is the most comprehensive service concept in the market for wind drives. Winergy, the wind brand of the drive specialist Flender, offers turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators a one-stop solution for the entire drivetrain from gearbox to generator.

Today, wind is the cheapest energy form. Nevertheless, turbine OEMs and energy companies are trying to generate the maximum energy output at even lower costs. Efficient management of wind farms is essential to harness the available wind resources while minimizing downtimes.

With Service 360, Winergy offers a service concept for drivetrains that can be individually adapted to the respective customer need. It is unique in the wind market and the result of many years of cooperation with turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators. The service offering includes key innovations that cover the entire drivetrain, including the generator, and extends to servicing gearboxes from other manufacturers. Winergy is thus able to cover more than one hundred different turbine types and 130 gearbox models. Customers benefit from experience of the leading manufacturer of drive systems, regardless if it is a Winergy product or not.

Partners receive a complete package beyond the products. In terms of service, it is crucial to be close to the wind farms. Winergy covers all major wind markets in the world with its network of manufacturing and service locations. The integration of Moventas locations has expanded the presence further. Service 360 is thus available quickly and at any time. Service 360 also offers service for every point in the turbine’s life cycle, from installation, maintenance and repair to partial repowering, i.e. increasing the power of the wind turbine by upgrading individual components or the entire drivetrain.

“With this flexible multi-brand service, we focus on many gearbox and turbine brands and can thus serve drivetrains of entire wind farms. Service 360 can be applied to all turbine types with their various gearbox and generator types,” said Aarnout Kant, Winergy President.

Digital condition monitoring is an integral part of many wind farms. Operators use it to monitor and analyze their turbines. Winergy’s CMaS Evolution goes beyond this and offers customers a digital all-round service. It is part of Service 360 and for the first time fully compatible with already installed hardware. The end-to-end solution offers customers all important services, from the condition of the turbine to concrete recommendations for action to the delivery of spare parts at the right time and place.

CMaS Evolution is based on the further development of the successful Moventas CMaS Service and, thanks to Winergy’s unique position as a system provider, covers all components of the driveline from the main bearings to the transmission and generator. Existing systems can be connected without changing the infrastructure. Customers receive access to a digital portal in which all information about the turbines and services can be viewed transparently. The scope of the required services is based on the needs of the customers and can be individually adapted.

Cross-turbine algorithms also allow conclusions about the condition of the sub-systems and components outside the drivetrain. CMaS Evolution offers everything in one place: recommendations for operation, condition reports, instructions, required spare parts and their availability, as well as the planning of service calls.

“Service 360 combines everything our customers and partners need: service for all their turbines and drive types. For the entire drivetrain and not just for individual components such as the gearbox or the generator. Plus, it is available everywhere in the world. With CMaS Evolution, we are also leveraging the full potential of digital intelligence to further increase the efficiency of wind farms. In addition to wind gearboxes, generators, direct drive segments as well as wind couplings, Winergy has long been known for its extensive service portfolio,” said Antti Turunen, Wind Service vice president.

The Service 360 package also offers original spare parts, replacement of drivetrain components, workshop repairs at one of Winergy’s worldwide locations, on-site service, digital services, and training.

Winergy will present Service 360 at the Husum Wind trade show from September 12 to 15, 2023, in Hall 3, Stand C13.