ZF Wind Power gets certificate for SHIFT 4k platform


ZF Wind Power’s SHIFT 4k platform received a ‘type and component certificate’ from the international classification society DNV GL, for its complete platform range.

In the past, every gearbox design had to go through a long administration process of calculation files, validation results, and more. As of now, all SHIFT 4k designs are covered with the ‘type and component certificate.’ Customers will profit from the certificate as it speeds up processes, thus saving time and money and boosting productivity.

As time is valuable, this certificate from DNV GL will save costs for OEMs and turbine owners. In the past, the administrative process could take a few months and now, thanks to the platform’s certificate, the gearbox is ready to be installed immediately. Consequently, turbines or upgrades can be installed faster and thus productivity will increase.

The launch of ZF Wind Power’s SHIFT platform in 2016 marked a shift in the wind market: The modular approach of the platform offers more flexibility in terms of gearbox development and next-generation turbine concepts, consequently reducing customer’s levelized cost of energy. To quickly anticipate the market’s needs, pre-developed and upgradable designs allow the customer to follow future market trends closely and speed up the process.

Having received the ‘type and component certificate’ by DNV GL, ZF is committed to implementing the platform philosophy across its entire product roadmap.

“Our goal is to obtain this certificate for our other SHIFT platforms as well,” said Mitja Schulz, head of ZF Wind Power. “We are convinced that this will help our customers to make a faster SHIFT towards the future.”

More info: www.zf.com