Siemens Energy wins its largest offshore grid connection order


Amprion Offshore GmbH has commissioned Siemens Energy to supply the necessary technology for the converter stations of its first grid connection projects. The order value is in the high three-digit million-euro range, making it the largest offshore grid connection order Siemens Energy has received to date.

Two new power links set the course for more wind energy in the German power grid: DolWin4 and BorWin4 will transport up to 1.8 GW of green wind power from several wind farms in the German North Sea to land with low losses. As a result, the stations will be able to meet the demand of a major city like Hamburg with 1.8 million inhabitants.

“The share of renewable energies in Germany’s power supply is set to rise to 80 percent by 2030,” said Tim Holt, Siemens Energy managing board member. “Therefore, building new wind-power plants is important but ultimately pointless if the energy does not reach consumers. We also need to invest in our power grid to supply the country with sustainable energy reliably.”

Siemens Energy’s scope of supply consists of two converter platforms at sea and two associated stations on land. The platforms convert alternating current, as produced by wind turbines, into direct current. The direct current is then transferred to a high-voltage direct current transmission cable for transport. A second converter station on land then converts the electricity back into alternating current. Only in this way can the large amounts of energy cover the distance of around 215 km (DolWin4) and 280 kilometers (BorWin4) without significant losses (low-loss). The two connections will be installed in parallel and are scheduled to begin operating in 2028. BorWin4 would be connected to the grid one year earlier than originally planned.

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