AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

An American Success Story
Though the company was founded in 1972, the story of AMSOIL INC. begins in the mid-1960’€™s, when Lt. Col. A.J. “Al” Amatuzio, a jet fighter squadron commander, was impressed by the superb performance of synthetic lubricants in jet engines and began considering their possible automotive applications. In 1972, after an intense period of research and development, Amatuzio introduced the first synthetic motor oil to exceed API automobile service requirements.

Since 1973, the company has seen rapid growth and constant change. Fundamental to this great success is a commitment to quality and constant improvement. As the years passed, an increasingly broad range of automotive and industrial lubricants and filtration equipment was developed, with each new product exceeding industry performance specifications by a wide margin. In addition, the ALTRUM division of personal care items and household products were created, and the AGGRAND line of natural, organic lawn and garden products followed. Of course, AMSOIL has also continued to set new industry standards for motor oil performance, quality and consistency.

The original handful of Independent AMSOIL Dealers has multiplied into a network of tens of thousands. Through them, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is distributed throughout the country and the world.

The state-of-the-art facilities located at the AMSOIL corporate headquarters in Superior Wisconsin reflect a commitment to excellence. AMSOIL employs cutting-edge technology in all aspects of the business, from the newest high-speed blending, bottling and packaging lines to the state-of-the-art information systems behind the scenes. A team of over 300 highly-skilled employees work to create the highest quality products and innovative services which keep the company at the forefront of the industry. AMSOIL is also supported by a system of strategically located warehouses which distribute the products to customers throughout North America and around the world. Ask any of these customers, and they will tell you what we’€™ve known all along… AMSOIL is The First in Synthetics ®