Atmospheric Systems Corp.

Atmospheric Systems Corporation (ASC) is a world leader in the manufacturing, development, and implementation of SoDAR systems.  Dating back to the 1970s, ASC has decades of experience that makes us second to none.  Hundreds of our products have been utilized world wide spanning every continent.

ASC’s SoDARs use industry leading data processing that has been approved by windtest grevenbroich gmbh (accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025; 2000; a designated Measuring Agency according to § 26 BimSchG and has the world’s large“st inland testing facility).  This data has been used in hundreds of projects in conjunction with met measurements and as stand alone data to receive project financing.  ASC data is set apart as it offers independent height measurements which ensure there is no overlap or smoothing of the data.  This allows users to pinpoint where shear changes occur and identify optimal turbines and hub heights for a given site.

ASC SoDARs are designed to be user friendly.  They feature the ability to stream real-time information anywhere in the world.  This is ideal for wind prospecting and wind farm operations.  Also, ASC offers SoDARs configured on trailers making the systems easily portable for quick setup and take down.  This allows ASC SoDAR owners the ability to utilize their system at several sites without calling for special services.  ASC systems contain the ability to monitor themselves.  They can report important vital information for early warnings to avoid system down time and maximize system performance.

ASC offers a variety of systems for the wind energy market.  The most popular SoDARs are the 4000 series systems.  These systems feature industry leading 5m resolution.  This gives the user the ability to see with great precision where wind shear changes take place and have a more complete picture of the wind profile.  The 4000 series offers the ability to capture wind speed, direction, vertical velocities, and turbulence up to 200m.  This covers the entire blade swept area of wind turbines.  The 3000 series systems offer industry standard 10m resolution.  These systems are capable of reaching 400m.  This provides a broader picture of the wind profile and provides data that will cover blade swept areas of future turbines as they reach new heights.  This allows users to have access to historical data in critical areas when the time comes to implement the next generation of turbines as opposed to starting fresh campaigns and purchasing new equipment.