Chase Wind has an exceptional collection of consulting experts in the field of wind energy micro-hydro and other renewable energy and power sources. From bio-engineers and structural-designers to construction-contractors, vendors, legislative members, and mentors, Chase Wind’s collective team is capable of answering almost any energy question and creating solutions to better your natural world. Contact Chase Wind today to find out how you too can make a difference in the environment.

Why We Do It
Do you ever wonder why there is a growing movement in renewables and alternative energy? Chase Wind shares ideals with many other knowledgeable and respected experts.  Natural resources, particularly fossil fuels, are being used up at a rapid pace, which has a drastic effect on the natural world.  By providing wind energy solutions as naturally renewable  alternative energy resources, your wind project with Chase Wind will have a role to help slow down or eventually reverse these effects and make the planet a safer place for your children’s children’s children in the future generations.  In the mean time Chase Wind is utilizing an infinite fuel which passes over your heads free for the taking, without sending your hard earned incomes to countries that do not like us and to fossil fuel extraction and mining companies that care little for your well-being.

Chase Wind’s systems provide benefits in a wide range of areas, including:
   • Ecology
         ○ Visual, Sound, Emissions, & Avian
   • Economy
         ○ American-Made Products
         ○ Shovel-Ready Employment
   • Environment
         ○ Coal, Oil, Gas, & Nuclear reduction

Green Power Installations we have done include:
Chase Wind’s first Bergey 10 kW wind installation is over 28 years old and still going strong, with decades of life left to go “on and on and on”.

Chase Wind’s first micro-hydroelectric project has been running continuously for over 30 years and still provides energy to the high mountain hunting lodge and homes.

Chase Wind installed one of the first wind farms in the northeast, a ten Micon wind turbine project on the summit of a New Hampshire mountain in 1985.

Hear more about the history and mission of Chase Wind by calling us today at  (877) 884-1753  from New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and anywhere else there is an interesting wind power or micro-hydro project.