Clinton Community College

Two-year, one year, or one week training options for turbine technicians!

Clinton Community College offers three options for turbine technician training: a 2-year associate degree program, a one-year certificate program, and a one-week intensive training course (which includes Ropeworks Certification for Safety at Height and Rescue). You can get your start in the field, or get the professional development you need to advance in your career. Benefit from hands-on training in our state of the art wind lab, while learning from industry experts.

Quick Facts about Wind Technology at Clinton:
• 2-year Degree Programs: Wind Energy and Turbine Technology A.A.S, Renewable Energy Technologies A.A.S.
• Cover topics such as DC/AC Circuits, Networking, Meteorology, Digital Electronics, Environmental Health and Safety, Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems, Blueprint Reading, Principles of Fluid Power Systems, Power Generation & Delivery, Turbine Troubleshooting & Repair, Industrial Electricity, Environmental Technology,

Internship / Field Training
• Graduates are prepared to find immediate employment. Nearly 100% of Clinton technology graduates successfully find positions in their field.
• As part of the State University of New York system, Clinton credits transfer easily to bachelor degree programs.
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• 1-year Certificate Programs: Wind Turbine Service Technician, Renewable Energy Technologies.
• Wind Turbine Service Technician Certificate graduates will be prepared with a  background in industrial electricity and mechanical systems in order to safely and competently work in the wind industry.
• Renewable Energy Technologies Certificate graduates will be prepared for entry level positions constructing, installing and maintaining solar and wind electricity generating systems for both residential and light commercial applications.
• Graduates find entry-level employment or to transfer into the associate degree programs.
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• Wind Rising: a one-week intensive training course, which includes Ropeworks Safety at Height and Rescue Certification. This course is designed for industry professionals seeking advancement, as well as technicians seeking specialized skills to enter the field.
• Covers installation, troubleshooting, operation, and maintenance of turbine mechanical systems and blades; troubleshooting and repair of failed mechanical and electrical equipment; electric/electronic/mechanical equipment using switches, fuses, breakers, interlocks, isolating valves and proper grounding techniques.
• Ropeworks Certification for Safety at Height and Rescue covers general wind turbine safety, fall protection and work positioning systems, equipment use and inspection, vertical lifeline systems, shock-absorbing fall arrest vs. work positioning lanyards, mitigating harness-induced suspension trauma, proper anchoring methods, rescue and evacuation protocol, Automatic Descent Control Devices, personal escape and rescue systems (e.g. PDQ, I’D), load raising and transfer methods, fall recovery and rescue (e.g. from nacelle or nose cone), ladder Rescue, hub & yaw rescue.
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• Contract Training: Connect with our Workforce Development professionals to develop a customized training program for your company’s needs. Call (518) 562-4139 or visit for information.

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