Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection Products has been making point of origin dust collectors for hand tools since 1990. We come from a boatbuilding background so our primary focus iss the collection of fiberglass dust. We have since then expanded into silica dust and all the toxic dust abatement fields.

The Dust Muzzle
Our most popular product is the Dust Muzzle™. It can be used for both grinding and cutting and is available for all pneumatic and electric die grinders and right angle grinders with disk diameters from 2” to 8”. They are excellent for use with soft pad sanders, fiber disks and roll-lock disks.
The addition of a snap on cover plate converts any Dust Muzzle into an efficient dust collector for cutting with a diamond or carbide saw blades.

Adapter plate

Other Dust Collectors
We also make hands free dust collectors for hole saws and core bits, large reciprocating saws such as the Sawzall™ and needle guns.
hole saws core bits

chip muzzle

saw muzzle

Complete Dustless Systems
If you are starting from scratch, we can help you assemble a complete dustless system. We have all the necessary components in our warehouse including hose, splitters, adapters and HEPA vacuums.

We provide knowledgeable tech support and advice for all of our products.