KB Energy Co.

KB Energy, LLC is a North American based company specializing in tilt up meteorological tower services; this includes tower installations, decommissions and repairs.  We provide complete data services for our lease tower fleet; plus data collection and compilation services on individual towers for your wind resource assessment needs.

Our clients demand the highest quality and safety in all aspects of their wind projects.  KB Energy is the preferred choice of the largest wind energy companies in the world.  Many independent operators also use KB Energy as the trusted source for setup of their met towers.   We have a recognized safety program which is approved by the industry leaders.
KB Energy prides itself on a well-earned reputation for quality workmanship and personal service. We are continually improving our methods to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of technology and able to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients.

KB Energy offers…
•    3 professional crews and dedicated office staff
•    Multi-tower installations are our specialty
•    Almost 1300 towers installed since 1992
•    Over 140 towers annually
•    Long term storage available in our large shop and yard area
•    Tower leasing program
•    Data acquisition, storage, processing and complete reporting
•    Database and tracking system for individual client equipment

Our core areas of expertise include met tower placement, site selection (helping the client to choose ideal locations for met towers), sensor layout and placement, tower verification, data collection and analysis.
We specialize in orienting booms to customer specifications
Professional tower installation
Site preparation tailored for each site.
Tower layout done precisely with appropriate tools.

We can provide verification of the boom heights and bearings on existing towers.
After post-processing, we can provide very accurate gps coordinates of anchors and the tower itself.
We can provide precise placement and orientation of sodar units
We can provide full safety measure markings such as: full tower painting, bird diverter installation, marker ball installation, anchor point fencing and FAA lighting
We have plenty of space to store towers for clients