Kluber Lubrication North America

Klüber Lubrication has developed a line of specialty lubricants for the wind power industry.  The ADDED Value solution includes the Klüberplex line for the lubrication of all bearings and open gears as well as the Klübersynth line of synthetic high-performance gear oil.

Within an industry that demands efficiency, the performance of key components is critical.  While all of our lubrication products are developed with system efficiency in mind, Klüber Lubrication has now perfected a special line of products for the unique needs of the wind power industry.

As an advanced lubrication specialist, Klüber Lubrication has always been committed to helping complex mechanical systems generate more power with less wear.  By analyzing the weaknesses of traditional lubricants, we recognized a need for products that reduce the costly impact of mechanical wear, foam and residue formation, and micro-pitting.

Klüberplex greases and Klübersynth high-performance gear oils are refined to enhance wind system function and longevity.  Exceeding all of the tight specifications from wind turbine manufacturers and aftermarket operators, these lean product lines reduce the costs from repairs and spare parts, and simplify your logistical and storage requirements.

The utilization of Klüber’s specialty lubricants throughout your wind system will result in extended component life, higher efficiencies, and lower operational costs.