Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Lift-It® Manufacturing, has earned a reputation for quality, service and innovation, with over 40 years of dedicated service to the material handling and rigging industries. Only the finest materials are used in our products. These discriminating requirements, and the skill of our dedicated fabrication specialists, with combined experience, which must be expressed in terms of centuries, results in the finest quality products available. Over 120,000 slings, 6,000 Van Beest Green Pin® shackles IN STOCK we are ready to support your needs! We carry more than 30,000 ft. of wide goods in 8-10-12” polyester sling web, Polyester round-slings up to 50MT vertical rating, Twin-Path™ high performance fiber slings, Modulift Spreader Bars, Plasma® Adjustable Rope slings to name a few!

Specialty items are our forte. Complete Nacelle handling systems, specialty blade tagline socks, tagline rope, hatch net covers for increased air flow in the towers, urethane lined tower handling slings; if you have seen it we either make it and or can get it for you!

We manufacture the finest rigging available, but what we really offer is safety, service, technical expertise and solutions. When it comes to rigging allow Lift-It to be your subject matter experts, we are just a phone call away.

With new lines additions: Stahlwille, Fluke, Aimco-Adcrdyne, Tuff Bucket and Ergodyne one stop shop makes the process simple