M4 Wind Services, Inc.

M4 Wind Services, based Long Beach, CA is a complete maintenance, inspection and repair services company where “Engineering Meets the Field.”  M4 started as a high technology engineering company in 2001, focused primarily on extremely challenging problems in the aerospace and defense industries.  Many of M4’s most challenging projects were in the composite materials and structures area, so we quickly built a strong team of analysts, designers, and technicians that could quickly design, optimize, build, and repair composite structures.  Our transition into the wind industry began in 2003, when our team started a production line for 30+ meter blades in California.  Since then, we have designed and built blades as large as 70m for turbines in use worldwide.  We have recently developed proprietary designs and patents for revolutionary wind turbine blades and are currently entering low rate production.  Building on our in-factory expertise, M4 expanded into field inspection and repair of wind turbines; clocking over 200,000 hours over the last two years.  Our quality control inspectors, field engineers and technicians have performed some of the most challenging repairs in the industry, and the fact that they access to our home office staff of excellent engineers gives our service teams significant advantages in diagnosing and correcting problems from the simplest to the most complex.

Since its inception, M4 Wind Services has expanded its portfolio of support activities to include complete tower maintenance and repairs, QC services for the complete life cycle of a WTG from component supplier audits through decommissioning, due diligence pre-warranty expiration inspections of the entire WTG, focused major component inspections of gearboxes and blades, complete blade servicing from washing to up-tower remediation and independent 3rd party fault analyses with root cause determinations and corrective action recommendations.  Expanding support now includes active load and threat monitoring equipment (Rotor Redline) to extend the life of WTG’s and reduce maintenance costs as well as strategic partnerships to provide low-cost gearbox repair and overhaul services and long-term warranty repair services to stabilize maintenance costs for the WTG’s operational life.