MFG Energy Services

MFG: Composite Manufacturing for Wind Energy

Building wind blades and nacelles for 24 years.
MFG Energy Services is part of the Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG), one of the world’s premier manufacturers of blades and other composite components for wind turbines. Originally founded as Wind Energy Services Company (WES), our name and logo were recently updated in March 2013 to more clearly identify with our parent organization.

MFG has been involved in the evolution of wind component manufacturing from the earliest days and provides an unmatched knowledge base of how composites perform under the real world stresses of wind energy generation.
This relationship gives MFG Energy Services richer technical understanding and broader capabilities than any other service provider in the industry.

Factory Repairs: This relationship also enables MFG Energy Services to offer factory repairs for components that cannot be repaired in the field due to the nature of the damage or weather conditions.  We can remove your damaged blade, transport it to our nearest available factory, and deliver/install your repaired blade any time of the year.

Spares for Older Model Turbines: The relationship with MFG also gives MFG Energy Services the ability to supply spare and replacement components for early model equipment that is no longer stocked by the OEM. Tooling can be easily made from a customer’s existing part without damaging it.

•An international presence in the field of composites manufacturing since 1948
•Best warranty record in the industry
•At the forefront of advanced materials for mass reduction of manufactured products
•Dedicated R&D center for material testing and process development
•Develop manufacturing processes for any FRP component
•16 operating entities in the US and Mexico strategically focused to supply high quality products and manufacturing services
•Two facilities currently producing blades
•Two facilities currently building nacelles
•One facility currently building spinners
•ISO 9000-2001 registered