Midori America Corporation

MIDORI AMERICA CORPORATION, a leader in precision sensors and potentiometers, originated in 1988, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Midori Precisions Co., Ltd., for the purpose of serving the North, Central, and South American markets. As the sales, marketing and distribution arm, Midori America maintains a complete inventory of Midori standard products and is professionally staffed to provide sales, engineering and in-depth technical support for our customers.

Midori has a solid and proven track record in the Wind Energy industry.
If quality control, dependability, reliability and availability are at the top of your list when looking for a supplier.  Choose Midori America Corporation and stay ahead of quickly changing conditions during equipment shutdowns and maintenance fallout. For a solution that delivers consistent, reliable performance while meeting strict requirements for Rotary and Linear Position/Displacement Sensors for Wind Turbines.

Whether your need is immediate turn around, or delivery of production quantities on a regular basis. Contact us by phone  or call (714) 449-0997 or Email us at midoriusa@aol.com