Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

Norbar’s hand torque wrenches range from screwdrivers with a minimum capacity of 0.3 N•m through to wrenches with a capacity of 2000 N•m.

Norbar’s torque wrenches have been used throughout the power generation industry from the equipment manufacturers producing the plant through to power generation sites and the electricity distribution infrastructure.  The features making Norbar wrenches especially suitable for this industry include accuracy that exceeds the requirement of international standards, backed up with a traceable calibration certificate supplied with each wrench.  Robust ratchets with a narrow engagement angle allow the use of wrenches in tight spaces.  Users of Norbar’s Professional series wrenches in elevated positions such as wind turbine nacelles will particularly appreciate their light weight and compact dimensions.

Norbar’s electronic torque wrench, NorTronic®, provides a host of possibilities for high precision torque and torque/angle tightening and auditing of fastened bolts.  NorTronic’s wi-fi capability enables data to be wirelessly collected from the wrench either in real time or by batch data transfer at a time of the users choosing.  The supplied PC software allows easy management of the collected data and sophisticated set-up of the torque wrench.

Norbar now offers a range of torque wrenches up to 2,000 N•m that can be split for storage and transportation.  These wrenches are perfect for mobile maintenance crews as they are easily transported and assembled and disassembled in seconds.

Another innovation in the torque wrench range is the introduction of 3/8” and 1/2” drive, 1000 Volt insulated torque wrenches, tested to IEC 60900:2004 and suitable for live line working (only where the operator is qualified to do so).

About Norbar, world leaders in torque equipment

      Even the best torque equipment is of no use if it is not available. Our inventory of torque equipment is constantly expanding to reflect your desire for our latest products. We have over $1,300,000 of inventory ready to deliver or customize, to meet your exact needs.

  With over $600,000 of Norbar spare parts inventory, NTTi is well positioned to effect fast service and fast turn-around for all your Norbar products. Of course, Norbar manufactured products sold under other brand names can also be serviced. All Norbar test and calibration fixtures are NIST-traceable, and carry up-to-date certificates of calibration.

This purpose built 11,000 square foot facility, just outside Cleveland Ohio, offers comprehensive support for all your Norbar products, together with calibration, service, and support for your torque equipment. Inventory, service, calibration, and design engineering is managed and contained under one roof.

Norbar USA Machining center:  In 2013 Norbar Torque Tools, Inc. added a Haas CNC machine to our Machining Center. Previously we added a Birmingham Bridgeport and a Kent RML 16 x 40 Lathe, both with Acu-Rite controllers. We also have a new Lincoln 256 Power-MIG welder in the machining center. These machines give us the capabilities to produce custom-engineered accessories and purpose-built torque solutions for the full line of Norbar products – from API Class adapters, to one-off torque reactions. When combined with our in-house Design-Engineering, the Machining Center gives us one additional level of Quality Control, allowing us to better maintain the Norbar quality our customers have come to expect. We are also better able to reduce lead times for special ordered components.