NTT Workforce Development Institute

Keeping Wind Energy Workers Skilled in Electrical Safety and more. NTT Workforce Development Institute’s mission is to help America maintain a highly safe and proficient skilled workforce. For nearly three decades, we’ve successfully trained 1,000,000 employees at thousands of companies, including wind energy, and government agencies in locations around the world. We continually expand our curriculum of two to five-day instructor-led courses, conducted at public locations and on-site at our clients’ facilities. We offer over 60 courses within our seven disciplines:

• Electrical Safety for Wind Energy
• National Electrical Code®
• Electrical and Electronics
• Compliance
• Fluid Power and Mechanical Systems.

NTT partners with large multi-national wind energy companies to develop and implement cutting edge electrical qualification programs including hands-on demonstrations, custom procedures and qualification documentation specific to the wind energy industry.

NTT is the only provider that integrates instructor-led classroom training, computer-based training, training management services, electrical qualification training and workplace safety practices consulting. Our comprehensive and holistic approach to training, safety and compliance reduces workplace accidents and increases productivity.

We do more than training. We develop your skilled workforce. Our training is the best value because skilled workers learn with their hands. Employees that take our hands-on courses get to learn on their own full-sized lab equipment. Most other providers don’t have equipment – or they only provide a few sets of small prototype equipment that students must share.

• Public training courses available at sites nationwide
• On-site training at your location – on your schedule – for your production challenges
• Skill Circuit™ Online manages your training and helps employees retain knowledge
• Electrical Qualification Training helps companies produce qualified electrical workers
• NTT Professional Services consults with clients to develop custom training and compliance programs

Call us, 800.922.2820 or visit our website, to find out more about our instructors, classes and dates.