Polytech Services Company

Specializing in electrical insulator and bushing repair, insulator replacement and duplication, and insulator and wind turbine blade StacClean coatings.

• Electrical porcelain repairs – insulators, bushings, etc
   – exclusive process for field or factory , since 1983
• Providing replacements for obsolete porcelains – insulators, bushings,
   etc duplicated, since 1985

• StaClean non permeable coatings since 1979.
• For insulator permanent anti contamination since 1979
• For ice release on wind turbine blades since 1988
• For anti corrosion coating on steel structure field application since 1997
• Polymer ceramic replacements for porcelain bushings,
   line and post insulator, lightning arrestors

StaCleanTM Coatings
     Basic Characteristics
    • Hydrophobic (Non wetting)
    • Slicker Than TeflonTM
    • High Abrasion Resistance
    • Flexible, tough moisture seal
    • Impact resistant
    • No cracks – no peeling
    • Easily applied in field or by factory
    • Applied As A Single Coat With Standard Paint Equipment.
      (spray gun, air or airless, brush) Insulator Coating
    • 15 Years in Service – No Replacement Required.
    • Sea Coastal And Desert Applications.
    • Coats Over Silicone RTV Depleted Coating.
    • Preserves And Restores Polymer Insulators.
    • Replaces Burned Insulator Glaze Wind Turbine Blade Coating

    • 14 years field experience without maintenance
      or washing – no cracks or peeling
    • Sheds ice and insects
    • Improves efficiency
    • Extends blade life

Other Applications
 • Outdoor Insulator Switches.
 • Corrosion Protection Of Galvanized Steel,
    Transformer Tanks And Cooling Fins.
 • Easy Release Of Biofouling, Boat Hulls, Sea Water Exposure.
 • Cooling Tower Fan Blades – Extending Life And Increasing Efficiency.