Reese Technology Center

Reese Is The Center For Development in Lubbock and West Texas

The Reese Technology Center (RTC) is a campus centered in technology, research, engineering and education and a special purpose political subdivision providing facilities and an airfield as a center of economic development for West Texas. RTC provides a core business center, areas of common enterprise between the public and private sectors, state of the art data center/ fiber optic network, an educational environment for approximately 3,600 students from Texas Tech and South Plains College as well as providing approximately 750 jobs in the public and private sectors. RTC continues to expand its scope of interest regionally, nationally and internationally with an emphasis on energy, alternative energy, cotton and related bio-engineering and bio-sciences, the environment and its role as a center for innovation, business development, and job creation. Profit created by RTC is re-invested into the campus and facilities.