Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Saint-Gobain is an international manufacturer with more than 150 years of experience in materials’ engineering. As a leading world producer of abrasives and technologically advanced ceramics, plastics, insulation, containers, pipe and chemical process products, Saint-Gobain’s Innovative Materials sector includes over 60,000 people in more than 500 locations in 48 countries.  Other sectors within Saint-Gobain include Construction Products, Building Distribution, and Packaging.

 The origins of the Saint-Gobain Group go back to the founding in France of the Manufacture Royale des Glaces de Miroirs (Royal Mirror Glass Works) in 1665. One of the Company’s first commissions was to produce the glass for the famous Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

As a producer, processor and distributor of materials (glass, ceramics, plastics, cast iron, etc.), Saint-Gobain Corporation transforms raw materials into advance products for use in our daily lives, as well as developing tomorrow’s new materials.

Saint-Gobain ranks among the world’s top hundred industrial corporations, operating in 64 countries. The company employs more than 193,000 people throughout the world.

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions
Within the Saint-Gobain Innovative Materials sector, the Coating Solutions group falls under the High-Performance Materials business unit. Coating Solutions evolved out of the Norton Group, which was acquired in 1990 by Saint-Gobain.  Our coating portfolio includes  consumables such as thermal spray ceramic powders, Rokide® rods, ingots, metal powders and wires, flexible cords, and Ekonol® polyester resins, as well as equipment used in plasma spray, portable flame-spray guns, and other coating, welding, and brazing tools.

 The consumables are melted using a heat source and are propelled towards a target substrate.  The final coated surface has enhanced properties that protect against wear, heat and corrosion or maximize electrical, mechanical, or physical characteristics. Major applications are found in commercial or military aircraft engines; land-based turbines for power generation; rolls for the pulp and paper and printing industries, and oil and chemical pumps.

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is a business of the Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials division.

The Ceramic Materials division of Saint-Gobain produces Thermal Spray Powders, Rokide® Ceramic Spray Systems and Rods, Thermal Spray Equipment  for Plasma Spray, PTA High Energy wires, powders, exclusive Flexicords, and Ekonol®  polyester powders for the PTFE filler markets.

The Coating Solutions group combines these products offering expertise in material technologies and processes with several locations worldwide to servducts and processing improvements that deliver greater productivity, higher yields and lower operating costs.

The Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions product range includes:

Consumable Products
– Ceramic Thermal Spray Powders
– Thermal Spray Flexicords

– Rokide®

– Ekonol®

– Tuf-Cote® Hardfacing Rope Electrode

Equipmente your needs. The team’s ongoing research and development efforts result in new pro
– Flame Spray Equipment

– Plasma Spray Equipment

– Plasma Transfer Arc Equipment – PTA

– Sputtering Targets