Team 1 Academy

Due to the increase in renewable energy, the location, design, maintenance, inspection, cleaning and painting of wind turbines can create difficult access problems to areas on the turbine such as the blades, nacelle or tower, to list a few.

Team-1 Academy, Inc. is a certified member of SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians), a member of ISFP (International Society of Fall Protection), as well as numerous other organizations. These two particular organizations, as well as our company, collaborate with many different trades in the wind energy industry to provide safe, fast and professional solutions to difficult access problems such as blade inspection, painting and cleaning.

From relatively small beginnings, the rope access industry has expanded over the past twenty years to become the solution of choice for working on tall structures both on and offshore. Team-1 Academy Inc is at the forefront of this evolution, through fulfilling quality rope access contracts and through the provision of Rope Access training at our customized training facility. Wind Turbine specific, Climb Rescue and Safety Training can be conducted at Team-1 Academy or at your site(s).

Team-1 Academy Inc aims to provide a cost effective and practical solution, for you the client. Our company operates on the principal that when working at height the priorities are safety, experience and teamwork. In this, our company sees itself as part of your team and we work with you to produce the optimal solution for each and every challenge.
Team-1 Academy is also a leading supplier of high quality Rope Access Safety Equipment and Gear.

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The following is a list of some of the services we provide:

* Power Washing
* Cleaning
* Painting
* Banner Installation
* Inspection
* …and much more!

For more information or a customized quote, please contact…

Brian Kovalcik – Operations Manager