Vaisala integrates lightning data into weather suite


Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, recently announced the integration of lightning data from Vaisala’s Global Lightning Dataset GLD360, part of its Xweather suite of weather and environmental data services, into its Helideck Monitoring System.

Built to meet the demands of challenging offshore environments, Vaisala’s Helideck Monitoring System uses thunderstorm and lightning information from GLD360, the only global sensor network that detects thunderstorms in real time anywhere, including oceans, seaports, and other areas outside the range of weather radars. Helicopter pilots, helideck operators, and offshore authorities can now make informed “waiting on weather” decisions that result in minimized operational downtime, improved route planning, and reduced cost and impact of weather disruptions.

Vaisala has added lightning data to its Helideck monitoring system. (Courtesy: Vaisala)

This solution for offshore operations delivers:

Detection efficiency and location accuracy: Vaisala’s global lightning data network identifies 100 percent of global thunderstorms and locates lightning with a median accuracy of one kilometer.

Complete situational awareness: The Vaisala Lightning Threat Zone provides storm and lightning trajectory in 10-minute increments up to 60 minutes out, advising when a location of interest may be impacted.

Maintenance-free lightning data services: With no capital investment needs or expensive offshore maintenance costs, the Helideck Monitoring System eliminates the need to purchase, install, or maintain single-point lightning detection sensors.

Highest-quality lightning data: Vaisala’s expertise in lightning data, and its ongoing investments in operating and maintaining the world’s best global lightning network, safeguards offshore operations with real-time lightning data with better than 99.99 percent availability.

Proven lightning and offshore weather expertise: Vaisala lightning detection networks are used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, National Weather Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and many large power utilities and commercial organizations globally.

Lightning data when needed: The lightning data services are compatible with 4G LTE, 5G, and all common satellite internet communication solutions used at sea with minimal bandwidth requirements.

Compliance with industry standards: The certified Helideck Monitoring System solution complies with current CAP437 and Helideck Certification Agency requirements, and its CAA-certified software adheres to international aviation regulations.

“It’s all about safety and efficiency. Lightning can cause power outages, damage helicopters and infrastructure, and even put people in harm’s way. Monitoring lightning in real time to assess its impact is essential for protecting lives and assets and optimizing the timing of offshore helicopter takeoffs, landings, hoist operations and fueling,” said Mikko Nikkanen, head of maritime at Vaisala. “Our upgraded Helideck Monitoring System allows offshore customers to stay ahead of the weather and gain oceans of actionable insight to boost their operations with confidence.”

Leveraging more than 85 years of measurement expertise, including 45-plus years in aviation weather and more than a decade of experience in demanding offshore weather applications, Vaisala’s global support team has delivered hundreds of Helideck Monitoring Systems to partners around the world.

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