ZTZ Services opens new HQ in Florida


ZTZ Services International had its ribbon cutting, reception, and open house at its new world headquarters December 15 in north Miami, Florida. The new ZTZ World Headquarters provides modern conference space for meetings and classroom training, space for additional production lines to meet the growing demand for its products, and a secure space for a planned monitoring operations center serving clients in the electric utility industry.

ZTZ creates cloud-enabling server solutions that help the world’s leading companies turn their ideas into realities. (Courtesy: ZTZ Services)

“On December 15, we will launch a new building not just with modern facilities but as a launch pad for further growth well into the future,” said Daniel Berler, ZTZ CEO. “This new facility includes ample parking, is handicap accessible, and is well located near two international airports, making it easier for our clients.”

ZTZ is a world leader for on-line continuous diagnostic monitoring for electric utility equipment- primarily high-voltage substation transformers and related high-value transmission assets. ZTZ serves utility clients in North America, Europe, China, and former Soviet states.

In addition to traditional electric utility clients, ZTZ also serves many renewables (solar & wind) operators and operators of data centers. ZTZ systems provide the same benefits to all, reduction of failure risk.

Transformer failure interrupts electric power to customers, can cause vast environmental damage, and cost operators millions of Dollars in unnecessary replacements.

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