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February 2011


Cement grouting is an effective alternative to reconstruction of the foundation

A proven technique for stopping or reducing settlement, cement grouting is an effective, cost-efficient alternative to complete reconstruction of the foundation.

Wind towers founded on spread footings may settle as a result of loose bearing soils either not identified during the preconstruction geotechnical exploration or remaining after inadequate subgrade preparation. Loose granular soils may also be susceptible to liquefaction during a seismic event, which may result in excessive settlement or complete foundation failure. When wind towers […]
James D. Hussin

Proper lubrication and contaminant control are critical in order to attain long gearbox service life

Proper lubrication and contaminant control are critical in order to attain long gearbox service life, both during and after the warranty period.

In conducting end of warranty inspections, we typically find a number of turbine gearboxes with internal gear damage that occurred over a relatively short period of time. While these issues have materialized largely unnoticed by the project owner up to the final turnover inspection, the affect of such irreversible conditions will gravely impact the performance […]
Merritt Brown

Turbine icing is an increasing challenge to the economics of wind energy

Turbine icing is an increasing challenge to the economics of wind energy in cold climates. Read on to learn how it happens, what it causes, and how it can be addressed.

The northeastern and mid-Atlantic U.S. is an attractive region for future wind park developments due to good wind resources, state incentives, and ease to grid connection in the vicinity of major populated areas. The associated colder climate conditions sound promising at first sight because of possibly strong winds and higher air density, e.g. air at […]
Sven Schmitz, Ph.D.

Why should a developer assess strategic logistics considerations before final OEM selection?

Why should a developer assess strategic logistics considerations before final OEM selection? Because you need to know what you’re paying for!

For most wind farm projects, site developers outsource the delivery of components to the OEM. The price structure and delivery terms for this service vary by project, but contractually it is the responsibility of the OEM to resolve the many complex considerations involving wind component transportation. So why is it critical for the developer to […]
Anne Puhalovich


Large Gear Hobs from Gleason

Gleason Corporation has made major new investment in equipment and processes to optimize the manufacture of large module gear hobs. These cutting tools are used in the manufacturing of large gears for wind energy, mining, and a variety of industrial gearbox applications. The Gleason Cutting Tools facility in Loves Park, Illinois, is now capable of […]
January 31, 2011

Mortenson Canada Expands its Presence in Ontario

Delivering renewable energy projects throughout Canada, Mortenson Canada Corporation recently completed construction of the Gosfield Wind Farm near Kingsville, Ontario, adding 50 megawatts to the region’s wind generating capacity. An additional 166 megawatts are under construction at Comber Wind Project, the sister project to Gosfield. Located in agricultural land north of Lake Erie, the wind […]
January 31, 2011

United Technologies Acquires Clipper Windpower

United Technologies Corp. announces that it has completed its purchase of Clipper Windpower Plc by acquiring all remaining shares, as previously announced. Clipper Windpower is a California-based company engaged in wind energy technology, turbine manufacturing, and wind project development. Its acquisition by UTC creates the long-term financial stability necessary for Clipper’s continued growth, while enabling […]
January 31, 2011

Capital Safety Creates Global Wind Energy Team

Capital Safety announces the creation of a global wind energy team to meet the growing demand in the renewable energies sector. The team consists of highly trained safety experts from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia who know the issues wind turbine manufacturers are facing in specific regions of the world. “Over the […]
January 31, 2011

FEELER Bridge Mills for Large Components from Methods

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, has introduced high-performance FEELER FV-Series double column bridge mills featuring extensive design and engineering by Methods. FEELER bridge mills are designed to deliver unsurpassed performance and value and are backed by Methods’ application expertise, support, and extensive network of technology centers. “The main […]
January 31, 2011

Gamesa to Supply California Wind Farm

Western Wind Energy Corp has purchased 120 megawatts of Gamesa G8X Series wind turbines. Gamesa—a world-leading player in the design, manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines—has been awarded a contract to supply a total of 120 MW of capacity to the Windstar wind project, which is being developed by Western Wind Energy Corporation at the […]
January 31, 2011

Avanti Begins U.S. Ladder Production

The leading world market producer of work cages/service lifts, ladder systems, and other personal safety systems for wind turbine towers, Avanti Wind Systems (see article in this issue), is starting up production of ladder systems for wind turbine towers in the United States. Avanti Wind Systems has completed a factory for manufacturing of aluminium ladders […]
January 31, 2011

Broadwind Receives Grant for Drivetrain Service Center

Broadwind Energy, Inc., announces that the Development Corporation of Abilene awarded its Broadwind Services subsidiary Energy Maintenance Service, LLC, a financial assistance package of approximately $902,000, which will be applied to facility improvements and support equipment at the company’s drivetrain service center in Abilene, Texas. A portion of the assistance package will help enable the […]
January 31, 2011

ROTALIGN ULTRA Vibration Acceptance Check from Ludeca

The ROTALIGN ULTRA vibration acceptance check works in combination with the VIBTOOL vibration meter to measure vibration level according to the ISO 10816-3 international standard. The RMS velocity value is wirelessly transferred and stored back onto ROTALIGN ULTRA computer where the result is instantly evaluated against the machine classification threshold. This fulfills the recommendation of […]
January 31, 2011

New Sales Director for U.S. and Canada for Terex Cranes

Tony Marlin has joined Terex Cranes as director of sales for Eastern United States and Canada. He has been at Maxim Crane Works for the past 11 years, recently serving as senior vice president of sales and marketing and major accounts. He has over 20 years of experience in the crane industry, and he is […]
January 31, 2011

Windflow Marks Major Engineering Achievement

Windflow Technology has achieved a major engineering success with the news today that Lloyd’s Register has awarded its Type Approval Certificate to the Windflow 500 turbine. This confirms that the turbine meets Class 1A of the latest International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) design standard IEC 61400-1 (edition 3). Class 1A certification attests that the Windflow 500 […]
January 31, 2011

News From KMT Robotic Solutions

KMT Robotic Solutions, Inc., announces the sale of the first robotic root cut and drill system for utility-scale wind turbine blades produced in Europe. KMT-RS is the first and only company to supply a robotic root cut and drill solution, and currently has multiple systems in production throughout North America. This new order will be […]
January 31, 2011

NRG Systems Introduces 80-meter XHD Tilt-up Tower

In response to industry demand to measure the wind at taller heights, NRG Systems now offers an 80-meter tilt-up tower. Built on the same reliable platform as the company’s 60-meter XHD system, the 80-meter tower incorporates bolted joints for a stiffer, stronger tower while offering familiar installation and performance. The drive for data accuracy has […]
January 31, 2011

New Manager of North American Accounts at Michels

Building on a stellar career, Dave Hart has been named Michels’ wind energy manager of North American accounts. “Dave is one of the most respected minds in the wind energy business,” according to Michels Wind Energy General Manager Pat Herzog, who leads a division with more than 3,600 MW of wind farm experience. “His knowledge […]
January 31, 2011

Southwest Windpower’s Kruse Appointed to Federal Advisory Committee

Andy Kruse, co-founder and executive vice president of business development at Southwest Windpower, has been appointed to the Department of Commerce’s recently established Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (RE&EEAC). Established on July 14, 2010, the RE&EEAC will advise the Secretary of Commerce on the development and administration of programs and policies to expand […]
January 31, 2011

New Organizational Structure at NAES Corp.

NAES Corporation, a broad-based provider of services to the energy industry, announces that effective January 1, 2011, it has restructured in order to better serve its customers and to extend its maintenance and construction services into new markets. NAES will create a new division, to be called the NAES Engineering & Construction Group and led by […]
January 31, 2011

First Wind Adopts Sewall’s ATLAS System

National GIS firm James W. Sewall Company announces that First Wind has launched Sewall’s ATLAS Enterprise GIS Viewer and Publishing system. ATLAS, an innovative browser-based GIS solution, enables GIS staff to publish a wide variety of spatial data company-wide via a fast, intuitive, and interactive mapping application built on the Google Maps Enterprise API. High-value […]
January 31, 2011

Robotic Submerged Arc Technology Solutions from Lincoln

Lincoln Electric Automation has introduced a new robotic arc welding system embedded with advanced technology that redefines available solutions for submerged arc welding (SAW) with a robot. At the core of this next generation release, Lincoln Electric Automation has patented a wire and flux delivery system that expands the possible applications for robotic submerged arc […]
January 31, 2011

Electronic Fixed Ratcheting Head Torque Wrenches from Stanley Proto

Stanley Proto has added to its line of electronic torque wrenches three new fixed ratcheting head models. The new wrenches accept standard Proto sockets, and come in ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” drive versions with torque ranges from 25 in-lb  (2.8 Nm) to 250 ft-lb  (339 Nm). Stanley Proto fixed ratcheting head torque wrenches are accurate […]
January 31, 2011

Lutze LOCC-Box Intelligent Electronic Current Monitoring System

Lutze overload current control, Lutze LOCC-Box, provides reliable load monitoring and protection in 24V DC circuits. Innovative features include adjustable trip current range (1-10A), adjustable characteristics (fast, med, slow 1, slow 2, and slow 3), output alarm signal at 90 percent of the load setting, remote reset, and remote on/off functions. LOCC-Box serves very well […]
January 31, 2011

Converteam Delivers Direct Drive Electrical System

Power conversion specialist Converteam has recently delivered its innovative electrical power train solution, including its 900V converter and a direct drive permanent magnet generator, to Schuler Pressen for its new SDD 100 wind turbine. The 2.7 MW turbine will be installed in Germany and will go into operation in early 2011. The turbine design meets […]
January 30, 2011

New Vest-Fiber Facility in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) announces that Vest-Fiber—a supplier of fiberglass products and services primarily to the wind turbine industry headquartered in Denmark—has chosen Moberly to be the location of a new manufacturing facility. The company’s capital investment of $2 million will create 50 new local jobs. “The decision by an international company […]
January 30, 2011