ReElement, EDP Renewables team up


ReElement Technologies Corporation, a provider of high-performance refining capacity of rare earth and critical battery elements, has partnered with EDP Renewables North America, a North American leader in the renewable energy sector, to advance sustainable practices in the wind-energy sector through the EDPR NA’s Close the Loop Program. The focus of this collaboration is efficient recycling of neodymium-based permanent magnets from decommissioned wind turbines into magnet-grade rare earth elements, contributing to the development of a circular supply chain for renewable energy equipment and inputs.

ReElement and EDP’s focus is efficient recycling of neodymium-based permanent magnets from decommissioned wind turbines. (Courtesy: ReElement Technologies, EDP Renewables)

The partnership leverages EDP Renewables’ expertise in wind energy and ReElement’s advanced critical mineral refining technology for rare earth and critical battery element. Neodymium-based permanent magnets, commonly used in clean-energy applications such as wind turbines and electric vehicle motors to enhance efficiency, are critical components of the renewable energy landscape. By recycling these magnets, EDP and ReElement aim to reduce the environmental impact associated with the production and disposal of wind-turbine components as well as the primary extraction and common processing methods used in the production of critical and rare earth mineral inputs.

“We are thrilled to partner with EDPR to address the environmental challenges associated with neodymium-based permanent magnets,” said Chris Moorman, ReElement chief commercial officer. “ReElement’s critical mineral refining process is a game-changer, providing a sustainable solution for recovering and refining a broad range of critical minerals. Our flexibility to refine multiple feedstocks utilizing a smaller, scalable, and significantly more environmentally safe method enables us to provide valuable solutions to the supply chain challenges we face today. Our approach not only facilitates the recycling of wind-turbine components but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint.

We applaud EDPR NA and are thankful to have this collaborative opportunity to lead the world in delivering real solutions. The next generation of the electrified economy relies on responsible practices, and through this partnership, we are collectively setting a new standard for sustainability in the renewable energy sector.”

EDPR NA and ReElement anticipate that this collaboration will set a precedent for responsible and sustainable practices in the renewable energy sector, fostering a circular economy that extends the life cycle of the critical and rare earth elements required to fuel technology. Unlike traditional mining and processing methods, mostly used in China, ReElement’s process of recycling permanent magnets is about three times more environmentally safe, aligning with the commitment to sustainable practices in the renewable energy industry.

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