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The rise in mobile technology is the catalyst that the wind industry needs

The rise in mobile and wireless technology capability is the catalyst that the wind industry needs in order to keep pace with owner demands for real-time turbine status.

Those familiar with wind turbine service documents—either having had to complete them as a technician uptower, or who are the recipients in the shop office—know all too well the delicate nature of these paper forms. Covered in grease, and sometimes torn or illegible, service reports continue to be the preferred method of communicating wind turbine […]
Merritt Brown

The past, present, and future of research into modeling a turbine’s wake

In this installment the author discusses the past, present, and future of research into modeling the wake behind wind turbines.

The wind industry faces a number of challenges in developing wind farms, both onshore and offshore. Two that concern the aerodynamics of wind turbines are wind siting accuracy over complex terrain onshore and air/wave interaction offshore, and power forecasting for wind turbines to streamline transmission into electrical grid with minimal losses. These difficulties are even […]
Sven Schmitz, Ph.D.

Overland transport is a crucial link in the supply chain

Overland transport is a crucial link in the supply chain, so it’€™s important to understand how new trucking regulations will affect the wind market.

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has implemented a new safety measurement program, referred to as CSA2010, intended to improve road safety and reduce highway accidents. The new measurement system is very complex and will affect the entire trucking industry, and it could impact industries that require heavy haul transport. The potential effects on […]
Anne Puhalovich


MAG Develops Novel Process for Producing Giant Gear

As proof that it can use machine tools as well as build them, MAG has developed a process that used a horizontal boring mill (HBM) and specially designed tools to cut 588 teeth in a 19-meter (62.5 ft) diameter gear assembly weighing 60 tons (54,836 kg). The two-piece gear assembly, made of ASTM A290 steel, […]
May 4, 2011

Eaton Introduces Compact Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker for Wind

With industry-leading environmentally friendly vacuum and solid insulation technology, Eaton’s new 38 kV VCP-Wind medium voltage circuit breaker is designed to help customers manage power reliably, efficiently, and safely. They are engineered for wind farm collector substations and feature a reduced footprint. Maintenance requirements are minimized with the use of enclosed long-life vacuum interrupters, and […]
May 4, 2011

Nordex USA enters joint venture with Michigan Wind Farm

Nordex USA, Inc., has entered into a joint venture with Beebe Community Wind Farm LLC, a Michigan project developer, for the co-development and construction of a wind farm in Gratiot County, Michigan. The project was initiated in 2007 by local resident Mark Hull, principal of Beebe Community Wind Farm LLC. Hull brought on Nordex last […]
May 4, 2011

GE Energy Financial Services Helps Fund Development of Energy Storage System

New Hampshire-based SustainX has received $14.4 million from GE Energy Financial Services and other investors to continue developing its technology for energy storage using compressed air. Through the GE Ecomagination Challenge’s “Powering the Grid” program, in which SustainX is a partner, GE Energy Financial Services joins Cadent Energy Partners and prior investors Polaris Ventures and […]
May 4, 2011

BASF Opens New Epoxy Composites Application Laboratory

BASF Corporation announces the opening of their new epoxy composite laboratory at its technical center in Tarrytown, New York. The new laboratory brings together BASF’s comprehensive technical capabilities for epoxy systems, under its Baxxodur® brand, to support the development of new epoxy composite applications. It offers a wide range of facilities for simulating customers’ production […]
May 4, 2011