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Anyone approaching a turbine under icy conditions needs to know how to protect themselves from shedding ice.

Anyone approaching a wind turbine under conditions where icing may form needs to know how to identify and protect themselves from shedding ice.

Blade icing is a unique safety challenge on wind farms that occurs on both existing and new facilities still under construction. Understanding and preparing for the risks will not only get your employees home safely, but also put procedures in place that maximize productivity during an icing event. Icing typically occurs when the ambient temperature […]
Ron Krizan, P.E.

Cold weather can affect the reliability of a wind project, as well as the productivity of its service team

Cold weather can impact the reliability of a wind project, as well as the productivity of its service team. This first in a two-part series examines how preseason preparations benefit both.

Leaving behind the memorable heat wave of 2011, it won’t be long before our offices at 300 feet off the ground become standing popsicles. As warm summer months give way to freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and ice storms, the harsh winter working environment will subject technicians to a variety of conditions in which to perform their […]
Merritt Brown

A new concept for designing blades is through adaptive blade technology

A new concept for designing blades is through adaptive blade technology, which may allow more energy to be captured and lower blade loads to be experienced.

What if a wind turbine could change its shape with varying wind conditions to optimally capture the most power from the wind at each wind speed? What would these shape changes be, and what would the impact be on the cost of energy? These questions were the premise of a study conducted at Penn State […]
Susan W. Stewart, Ph.D.

Successful logistics planning benefits from understanding border rules

Seasoned travelers understand that rules change once borders are crossed. Successful logistics planning benefits from that realization, as well.

Companies often forget seemingly simple things while handling the logistics of wind components within North America. What is assumed within U.S. borders doesn’t necessarily hold true for Canada or Mexico. These assumptions can have painful consequences, especially with time-sensitive cargo. I have found that often companies have less difficulty importing from another continent than across […]


Terex Enables Offshore Turbine Repairs

A Terex CC6800-1, owned by MAXIKraft Kran- und Schwerlastlogistik GmbH, recently removed the rotor and nacelle of a 5MW wind turbine at a height of 90 meters. The assignment, which was performed on behalf of wind farm operator BARD, was part of a series of repairs at the Hooksiel offshore wind farm where the turbine […]
October 6, 2011

Zero-Max Overload Safety Couplings

Zero-Max Torq-Tender overload safety couplings protect critical rotating power transmission components from torque overloads. Torq-Tenders serve both as a safety device and as a coupling in a power transmission system. Protecting motor and drive systems from jam-ups and excessive overloading, Torq-Tenders are extremely effective. They can be manufactured for systems requiring frequent washdowns. With the […]
October 6, 2011

Austal Lands Contract for Offshore Support Vessels

Following the launch of Austal’s Wind Express series in mid 2010, the company is pleased to announce the award of a contract for the design and construction of three purpose-built 21 meter offshore support vessels (OSVs) for Turbine Transfers Limited, based in Holyhead, United Kingdom.The Austal-built OSV catamarans will be used to transport service crews […]
October 6, 2011

New Wind Measurement System from Vaisala

The Vaisala WTS wind measurement system is specifically engineered for wind resource assessment, power curve measurement, and monitoring operational wind farms. It allows customers to accurately understand and manage the impact that weather has on their operations and business, and as a result make better decisions. Vaisala has over 70 years experience in weather measurement, […]
September 6, 2011