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June 2013


Testing generator winding insulation €”is a wise addition to your maintenance schedule

Insulation testing of your generator windings is a data acquisition method that—if completed during regular maintenance cycles—can help you understand the health of your equipment. A good part of a wind turbine technician’s time is spent checking, lubricating, and inspecting mechanical components. The repetition of these actions helps them notice when something is not in […]
Jack Wallace

Industrial Ethernet is a key component as wind farm communication needs expand

As the use of wind farms continues to grow worldwide, technology is a key component to keeping wind farms up and running at top efficiency. An important part of the technologically-savvy wind farm is industrial-grade Ethernet, which has evolved to combine rugged networking with reliable performance, and advanced features. This article will examine what industrial […]
Diane Davis

Defining supply chain management can be confusing

Defining supply chain management can be confusing. Its true meaning is best comprehended by understanding the foundation and the individual functions.

What is this thing called supply chain management? Sometimes the term seems so vast and multifaceted that it is hard to get your head around the concept. Let me give you my interpretation of what supply chain management is. I do not take full credit for this definition since I have had many influences throughout […]
Michael Graska


ZF Services Launches 2.5MW Test Bench at Illinois Wind Service Center

ZF Services, LLC announced the completed installation of the 2.5MW test bench at its Vernon Hills, Ill. Wind Service Center. The project, which began with construction in September 2012, is the result of a $1.6 million grant. The recently completed test bench will be able to test over 200 gearboxes annually. ZF Services, LLC launched […]
June 6, 2013

Siemens Wins 100MW Turbine and Service Order From South Africa

Siemens Energy has been awarded an onshore wind power order for the Sere wind power plant on the west coast of South Africa. This is already the second wind power order for Siemens from South Africa. The Sere project is a flagship project for the customer ESKOM, which is one of the world’s largest utilities. […]
June 6, 2013

Nordex Neared Break-Even in Q1 on Substantial Sales Surge

The Nordex Group posted a 30.6 percent increase in sales to EUR 259.0 million in the first quarter of 2013 (previous year: EUR 198.3 million). This performance was underpinned by strong business in the core European region, which contributed 94 percent of sales. On the other hand, business in America contracted by a substantial 57.6 […]
June 6, 2013

Siemens Signs 15-Year Wind Service Extensions in North America

Siemens has signed 15-year contract extensions with RES Americas to continue providing service and maintenance at two wind projects in North America. Siemens will provide long-term service f.or the 26 SWT-2.3-93 wind turbines operating at RES Americas’ Whirlwind Energy Center. Long-term service will also be provided by Siemens for the 72 SWT-2.3-93 units in operation […]
June 6, 2013

AWS Truepower Establishes Presence in Istanbul, Turkey

Renewable energy consultant AWS Truepower LLC has announced it is further strengthening its position in the global renewable market by establishing a partner consultancy in Istanbul, Turkey. This office will provide the Turkish renewable energy market with access to AWS Truepower’s 30 years of experience in technical consulting, advisory services, software and data for wind […]
June 6, 2013

DEUS Rescue Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

DEUS Rescue has announced that it has become ISO 9001 certified for the manufacture, assembly and supply of fall protection equipment. The company has been registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard signifying that it has developed a quality management system (QMS) that focuses on continual improvement of customer satisfaction by delivering quality products. DEUS Rescue’s […]
June 6, 2013

NCAR Powers Up Renewable Energy Forecasts

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), building on a pioneering wind energy forecasting system that saved millions of dollars for Xcel Energy customers in eight states, has entered into a new agreement with the utility for even more sophisticated weather forecasts. In the next two years, NCAR scientists and engineers will develop custom forecasting […]
June 6, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: HYTORC’s Patented Stretch-to-Load System Sets New Standard for Safety, Speed, and Accuracy

Over the last 50 years, HYTORC has become the most trusted name for industrial bolting. Leading the industry with groundbreaking innovations, HYTORC has set new standards in the field. HYTORC’s stretch-to-load bolting system is in use by major manufacturers in the windpower industry in areas all over the world. This patented technology gives users the […]
June 6, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Capital Safety’s ExoFit NEX Wind Energy Harnesses Represent the Next Generation in Fall Protection

Drawing on the success of prior generations of the ExoFit Harness lines, DBI-SALA/Capital Safety offers what they claim to be the most advanced harnesses available in the industry—the ExoFit NEX. Marketed as “The Ultimate Full-Body Comfort Harness,” the “NEX” implies that this is the next generation in harnesses. The ExoFit NEX expands on the features […]
June 6, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Gearbox Express Introduces “Revolution” Upgrades

Gearbox Express, is introducing its Revolution gearbox upgrade. Revolution is a set of upgrades and a new thought process for wind energy gearboxes from 1.5MW up to 2.3MW. Developed by the team at GBX, Revolution addresses the most common premature failure modes of gearboxes. “The Gearbox Express team has seen many gearbox failures, and a […]
June 6, 2013

PRODUCT SHOWCASE: 3M introduces Wind Blade Protection Coating W4600

Awareness is growing in the wind industry about the severe impact that erosion on the leading edge of wind blades can have on turbine output. Erosion can lead to a significant loss in annual energy production, costing owners and operators thousands of dollars. Blade repair and protection can help provide significant annual energy production improvements, […]
June 6, 2013