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Staying at the Top of Their Game

As the wind energy industry continues to grow, training an adaptable, high-tech labor pool is essential to keep up with rapidly evolving technology

The wind energy industry is the tip of the spear when it comes to fulfilling the societal needs for renewable energy. Wind energy has been a key factor in the United States and European Union’s plans for lower carbon emissions, and will continue to increase in prominence as the latest developments in technology continue to […]
Shawn Lamb

As job growth lags in rural America, some communities see wind energy development as a possible answer

Small towns often see long-term economic benefits of local wind farms

To many in rural communities, clean energy means a clean slate. Here it’s no secret that environmental considerations take a back seat to the enthusiasm surrounding new opportunities for employment. Even the potential for lower electricity rates can’t bump “job creation” from the headlines. Statistics support the sentiment. Nationally the wind industry drives a domestic […]
Johnathan Hladik

CASE STUDY: KVCC Wind Turbine Technician Academy

In 2008, as U.S. wind energy began its trend of exponetial growth, Kalamazoo Valley Community College recognized the need for an industry-responsive education program that would rapidly produce highly trained wind workforce.

Introduction According to data from the American Wind Energy Association, wind energy supplied more than 4 percent of the United States’ electricity in 2013. On the state level, in 2013, wind energy had double-digit percentage shares in nine states. In Iowa and South Dakota, wind energy provided more than 25 percent of those states’ electricity. […]


PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Black Oxide Coated Bearings By SKF Promote Turbine Reliability And Performance

SKF black oxide bearings add a surface layer of protection to promote higher reliability and performance for wind turbines. The coating can be specified for all types of critical bearings in wind turbine systems to help promote higher reliability against widely varying temperatures, speeds, and loads and to resist contaminants, moisture, and chemicals that otherwise […]
July 14, 2014