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February 2015


The Shift Toward Optimization

Advanced technologies help wind farm operators maximize plant potential

As the wind power industry matures, project developers, owner-operators, and financiers are asking for ever more reliable predictions of power output from both new construction and existing assets. Industry studies analyzing operating wind power plant production data indicate that the accuracy of pre-construction estimates compared to actual performance has greatly improved. However, long-term climate variability (i.e. […]
Barry Logue

Predictive Maintenance Methodology Streamlines Operations

Condition monitoring approach reduces downtime while providing cost savings

Operations and maintenance (O&M) of wind turbines is estimated at 21 to 24 percent of the total cost of energy from wind. As turbines are built larger, the capital-expenditure component of the cost of energy from wind drops, but there is still room to reduce the cost of O&M. Too often maintenance is carried out […]
Matthew Whittle, Dr. John Coultate


PRODUCT SHOWCASE: SKF Debuts Custom Machined Seals For OEM Or Existing Wind Turbine Applications

SKF introduces the capability to manufacture custom machined seals for all wind turbine applications, whether to meet exacting OEM specifications or to fix and/or upgrade existing sealing systems. A variety of proven seal designs and sizes, proprietary high-performance materials, and flexible manufacturing processes combine to deliver robust wind turbine sealing solutions tailored and delivered in […]
February 13, 2015