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Profile: Redstone College

Wind Energy Technology program balances classroom instruction with hands-on experience to prepare the next generation of wind turbine technicians for the careers ahead

Since its founding in 1965, Redstone College in Denver, Colorado has been committed to providing students with quality, skill-based educational opportunities centered around industry demand. Originally focused on airframe and power plant training, the institution has expanded in the decades since to include avionics and HVAC.  In 2010, amid accelerated growth of the wind energy […]
Stephen Sisk

Responding To Student Concerns About Wind vs. Cheap Oil

If you read my article last month, you may have enjoyed some of the naïve but entertaining questions prospective wind energy students ask the wind instructors during campus tours. As they approach graduation, their questions take on a more serious tone. One recurring theme as of late is related to falling oil prices. “Will cheap […]
Walter Christmas