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August 2015


Reaching New Heights

Could wind drones be the next evolution in wind power generation?

Drones will eventually be “as ubiquitous as pigeons,” London-based futurist Liam Young recently predicted. They are omnipresent already. Only five years ago drones belonged to the realm of the military, unaffordable for anyone else. Today, they are for hobbyists and even kids. Drones arrived in our lives and conquered the extreme ends of the market […]
Udo Zillmann

Manufacturing Versus Remanufacturing: A Technician’s Perspective

Not all wind energy students plan to climb towers for a living. Fortunately, there are plenty of career opportunities for Ecotech Institute grads that don’t require them to leave the safety and security of terra firma. Two options that I discuss at length in the classroom are jobs in manufacturing of turbines and components as […]
Walter Christmas