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Profile: Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Founded in Kalamazoo, Michigan, more than 40 years ago, Kalamazoo Valley Community College has made a name for itself in the wind energy industry with its Wind Turbine Technician Academy and the skilled workforce it produces.

Established in 1966, Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) is a comprehensive, fully accredited public two-year college with approximately 13,000 students currently enrolled. It offers certificate programs in more than 20 areas of study and associate degrees in 25 others. In addition to associate degrees and certificate programs in business, health care, human and public service, […]
Anna Claire Howard

Retooling America’€™s Workforce for the Wind Energy Industry

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the wind turbine technician profession — and opportunities for employment therein — is expected to increase by 108 percent over the next 10 years. This projection is much higher than the other occupations classified under the category of installation, maintenance, and repair, which is expected to […]
Shawn Lamb

How the U.S. Wind Industry Can Benefit from the Advancement of Educational and Training Opportunities

There is a broad range of professions that make up the workforce needed to drive the wind energy industry forward, including jobs in the manufacturing of wind turbines, engineering, and a range of support roles relating to daily operations, including marketing and community liaison work. A wide variety of training is required for all of […]
Gordon Moran

Wind School Graduates Have a Competitive Edge in the Applicant Pool

As a wind energy instructor at Ecotech Institute, I’m envious of my students. They are at an exciting place in their careers, and the wind energy industry is exploding with opportunity worldwide right before their eyes. The technology uptower is changing so rapidly that employers are coming straight to schools like Ecotech Institute in Aurora, […]
Walter Christmas

The Importance of Encouraging Women to Pursue Careers in Wind Energy at an Early Age

The United States Department of Energy’s Wind Vision Report suggests that we as a nation can achieve 20-percent wind-generated energy by 2030 and 35 percent by 2050. This estimated economic growth has the potential to create 600,000 additional jobs by 2050, which will require a trained and qualified workforce. Children who are currently in elementary […]
Kristen Graf