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June 2016


The Growth of Drones in the Wind Energy Industry

Smaller computers and sensors, better battery technology, and vastly improved algorithms for managing flight and safety have transformed drones from a niche hobby into a global craze over the last three to five years. Drones that once required a professional pilot to operate effectively are now essential tools for businesses spanning every industry from delivery […]
Tom Brady

A Stronger, Cleaner Steel for Applications in Wind Turbines

As demand for renewable energy grows and wind turbines become an ever-increasingly common sight, the nature of their application is forcing engineers to look for steels with exceptional properties to meet the extreme demands placed on components in wind turbines.

High-performance steel is used for fasteners to hold wind turbines to the ground, to assemble the modules of the tower, and to attach the blades. Steel bar is used to make the anchor chains in offshore applications, while steel tube and bar is used for cylinders, pistons, and pumps that control slewing and pitch. Tube, […]
Patrik Olund