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September 2016


Looking North for Solutions

Canadian wind energy is integral to North American transition to a clean-energy economy.

For years, Canada’s wind-energy industry has had the potential to expand its market through exports to the United States, but it is only now — bolstered by a perfect storm of supply-and-demand drivers — that the opportunity is finally becoming concrete. On the U.S. side of the border, state governments and electricity distributors are grappling […]
Jean François Nolet

Syncing Up the Data

Project aims to standardize wind-turbine information in Canada.

At the end of 2015, Canada had commissioned more than 11,000 MW of wind-power capacity, and even more wind farms will be coming online in the coming years. Although the wind industry supplies approximately 5 percent of Canada’s electricity needs, to date it has not benefited from a broad and consistent understanding with respect to […]
Thomas Levy, Marianne Rodgers, Alexander Medd

BOEM’s Renewable Energy Program

A compelling future awaits offshore wind in the United States.

Renewable energy is of critical importance to the nation’s security, economy, and environment. Commercial wind energy is no longer simply an aspirational vision for a sustainable energy future. It is a reality onshore and is becoming a reality offshore. The Block Island Wind Farm in Rhode Island waters will be the United States’ first offshore […]
Jim Bennett


Chevron Donates Gearbox To Casper College Program

The Casper College Renewable Energy Technology Program has received a substantial equipment donation from Chevron Power and Energy Management Company: a Winergy gearbox from one of the company’s turbines located near Casper, Wyoming. “This gearbox will provide Casper College students an opportunity to learn about maintenance technology on a life-size gearbox,” said Lesley Travers, dean […]
July 14, 2015