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October 2017


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Technologies exist that can melt ice on a wind-turbine blade or keep it from forming in the first place

In the sleepy town of Lunderskov, Denmark, there’s a 22-meter-long room that is climate controlled at minus-30 degrees Celsius. Dubbed the Ice Lab, it’s a place where LM Wind Power engineers can study the effects of freezing weather conditions on wind-turbine blades and determine how best to mitigate them. As wind energy gains prominence around […]
Dr. Rosemary Barnes

Chasing the Value

Innovation and industry maturity have brought additional options to gearbox repair and replacement.

In any industry, value is often in the eye of the beholder. What works for one company may cost another significantly. Five years ago, Gearbox Express (GBX) introduced Revolution for the Sle platform because a majority of those turbines were 5 to 8 years old. The theory was these assets would run 20-plus years in […]
Brian Hastings