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Innovations in current transducers

Smaller, more efficient, more accurate sensors can be used for a variety of wind-turbine applications.

Current transducers are a key electronic component of wind-energy turbine converters. They assist the power control system, protect the drive, and help feed energy into the grid system at a controlled frequency and voltage. Innovations in current transducer design are spurring the adoption of smart grid technologies and improving the performance of turbines and other […]
John Marino

Aspects of wind safety

Wind technicians should be properly trained for any possible emergency scenario, so they know what to do if the need arises.

Safety plays a key role every day as a wind technician in the field, whether in the nacelle or on the ground. As turbines get taller and production starts to move offshore as well, what are the training aspects of safety that keep the technicians safe? It starts with the interview process, where questions are […]
Trent (Legend) Nylander

The mysterious met tower

Met-tower maintenance is an often-overlooked necessity in order to keep a wind farm functioning properly.

What can be 198 feet tall but be overlooked as easily as the infamous missing 10-millimeter socket? While meteorological (met) towers are a critical part of the initial planning and assessment for energy production, there is a strong likelihood that your met tower is an unfamiliar asset and may in fact need a little TLC. […]
Roger Smith


American Wind Week 2018 kicks off

America celebrates U.S. leadership in wind energy production and the benefits it creates this week as American Wind Week 2018, August 5-11, officially kicks off. Wind power is an affordable, reliable and rapidly growing segment of the U.S. electricity supply that supports jobs in all 50 states. Those benefits help drive broad popular support for […]
July 8, 2018