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MARKET OUTLOOK: Wind builds the future for Fortune 1000 companies

Wind-friendly states are attracting the attention of companies that want access to renewable energy, with corporations more likely to sign contracts with projects in states that have high-quality wind resources.

Companies in nearly every sector of the economy are building a new future for how to do business —they’re powering their stores, factories, and data centers using wind power. Corporate and industrial customers bought 4,447 MW of U.S. wind capacity last year, setting a new record for annual procurements, according to the first Wind Powers […]
Celeste Wanner

Non-destructive testing of turbine foundations

A combination of non-destructive testing solutions and structural health monitoring systems can be used to enhance the quality control and quality assurance of new wind-turbine foundations.

Proper quality control and quality assurance procedures are necessary to ensure safe and reliable performance of wind turbines. Various inspection tools and procedures have been developed to assess the safety and reliability of the mechanical components of the turbine, shaft, and blades. However, the concrete foundations are often overlooked. The dynamic and cyclic loads from […]
Hamed Layssi, PhD, PEng, Faird Moradi, PhD, PEng, Vahid Shahsavari, PhD

 Training  in the wake of corona

Wind turbines haven’t stopped turning, which means they still need servicing, so practices have been redefined for training safely post COVID-19.

At the height of the global pandemic, as little as 24 percent of the usual amount of safety training was available for the world’s wind-power workforce. Government lockdowns almost everywhere rendered schools, colleges, and specialist training centers unable to provide courses, despite the fact our workforce had a continuing obligation to keep wind turbines spinning. […]
Simon Hayes

Where to locate wind farms?

From a lubricant standpoint, wind turbines operating under fairly consistent conditions
will lead to extending the durability of gear oils.

Wind power is emerging as a sustainable source of electricity. As we know, finding solutions for improving the reliability and durability of gearboxes is a long-standing objective for the lubricant industry. Wind farms tend to be in remote locations, whether on land or offshore. In a Tribology and Lubrication Technology article [1], a study that […]
Neil Canter

MARKET OUTLOOK: ‘An exciting milestone’ for North Carolina

The Tar Heel State takes its first step in developing an offshore wind study.
By Elizabeth Ouzts

North Carolina has taken the first step toward what observers say is a crucial study of offshore wind — issuing a request for proposals to analyze the state’s ports and manufacturing supply chain. Other states that have conducted similar analyses have created a virtuous cycle of more local jobs, lower costs, and more activity in […]
Elizabeth Ouzts