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December 2020


Virtual site survey for wind-turbine monitoring

The site survey is an important function for retrofitting turbines with a condition-monitoring system. Due to COVID-19, the entire process has been carried out remotely and may be considered a solution for all future site surveys.

As downtime and service costs play an increasingly important role in the wind-power sector, most wind turbines manufactured today are equipped with a factory installed condition monitoring system as standard. There are still many turbines out in the field, however, with no condition monitoring system at all. Wind-turbine owners and operators for these turbines are […]
Mike Hastings

A new floating foundation concept

A new large-scale spar buoy design will allow for the deployment of 10-MW to 20-MW direct drive wind turbine generators.

Developers of clean energy are ready to deploy large, efficient 10-MW to 20-MW direct drive wind turbine generators (DDWTG) in far offshore, deep-water wind farms. A new innovative floating foundation system with a unique deployment method will substantially reduce the levelized cost of energy of the DDWTG. The key is a new large-scale spar buoy […]
Andy Filak