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December 2021


The greening of offshore wind-farm construction

To help achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, materials and construction processes used in offshore wind-turbine-generator structural platforms should be reevaluated in order to reduce carbon emissions as well as costs.

The offshore wind industry needs to substantially increase the durability, strength, and environmental sustainability of its wind-turbine-generator support structures while reducing the carbon emissions associated with construction materials and processes. The changes proposed below are not only environmentally ethical, but fiscally responsible, and these long-term benefits become even more significant as future offshore wind projects […]
Andy Filak

Why technology matters for the wind industry

Embracing the potential of digital management systems for offshore energy support vessels.

The scale of wind deployments is increasing rapidly, with offshore wind farms becoming larger and more remote, bringing both greater energy production potential and greater challenges for the industry’s suppliers and contractors. Amid these new challenges, the pressure on the wind industry to deliver on objectives, exacerbated by the expectations outlined at COP26, has already […]
Christian Adams

Case study: Wind farm built despite challenges

Extreme weather conditions in rural Illinois force Boldt to build Lone Tree Wind Farm’s wind towers at night.

Most construction crews build on urban or suburban sites and transport equipment on existing roads, but in the world of wind farms, extreme conditions are the norm. For the Boldt Company, neither wind nor weather, nor dark of night got in the way of completing a challenging wind farm in rural Illinois. Leeward Renewable Energy’s […]
Mary Schmidt


Vestas introduces V162-6.8 MW wind turbine

Vestas has introduced the V162-6.8 MW, expanding the EnVentus platform’s power output and market applicability. Renewables are already a critical part in energy systems across the globe with continued scaling and technology development playing a key role in making renewables a dominant energy source. “We take another step forward with the introduction of the V162-6.8 […]
December 3, 2021

CrewSmart gains approval for maintenance system

The CrewSmart maritime operations management system has gained type approval for its Planned Maintenance System, part of its 2.0 software update. CrewSmart PMS streamlines asset maintenance processes for offshore wind fleet managers to improve equipment efficiency, reduce costs, and prevent risks of breakdown or defects in assets during operation. Safety and compliance are paramount concerns […]
December 3, 2021

Oil, gas platform owner contracts for wind Lidars in Adriatic

A confidential owner of oil and gas platforms in the North Adriatic Concession area has contracted renewable energy consultancy Megajoule to install multiple wind Lidars as part of the company’s low carbon development strategy. ZX Lidar’s Lidar ZX 300M, the offshore industry standard, will be deployed to begin taking measurements up to 300m from their […]
December 3, 2021

Siemens Gamesa, RES expand Canada partnership

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy signed its first project with Renewable Energy Systems in Canada to supply wind turbines for RES’ 100-MW Hilda wind power project in Alberta. Siemens will supply 20 SG 5.0-145 turbines, which will provide power for around 50,000 homes. The project ramps up the company’s partnership with RES in North America, while […]
December 3, 2021

Biden officials headline CLEANPOWER 2021

Gina McCarthy, the Biden administration’s national climate adviser, and deputy adviser Ali Zaidi have joined the speaker lineup at CLEANPOWER 2021 for a live virtual discussion. The American Clean Power Association event takes place December 7 and 8 in Salt Lake City. McCarthy and Zaidi will join ACP CEO Heather Zichal in the discussion. Former […]
December 3, 2021